Is it legal to connect to someone else's wi-fi?

Answer Short answer; no, it's illegal to do so. There's various BBC News articles on the matter which you may wish to check; one of which I've posted.

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If you connect to someone elses wireless, do they know it?

Yes, but if they knew how to do that they would have a secured network already.So enjoy it as long you can.

Is it illegal to connect to someone elses wifi?

It's a crime to hack someone's encryption - that's an unauthorized use of a network.If someone leaves their network wide open, that creates an implication that they don't mind other people using it... Read More »

Is it legal to connect to and browse the internet using any unsecured network?

Found this for you have a read… and make up your own mind if it is legal or not , i would say it is illegal but everyone does it at some time or another, a... Read More »

Is it legal for my next door neighbour to connect to internet through my router with my permission?

Things are bad enough. Don't give the money grubbers any new ideas.Love and blessings Don