Is it legal to close an IRA before a divorce?

Answer You can legally close an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) before a divorce is finalized. Seek the advice of an attorney or tax professional if you are unsure of the process. Tax implications var... Read More »

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Do both parties have to sign the divorce paperwork to make a divorce legal?

No, though if one party cannot be served with papers or refuses to sign them, the divorce process will be delayed. In such cases, the other spouse can request that the judge issue a default judgmen... Read More »

When did divorce become legal in America?

Divorce has always been legal in America. The first American divorce took place in 1639. But getting a divorce could be difficult, as many states limited the grounds under which a couple could div... Read More »

Is divorce legal in Italy?

As of 2010, you can legally get a divorce in Italy, according to BBC News. However, Italy--a largely Catholic nation--mandates that couples remain separated for at least two years, and then the act... Read More »

When did divorce become legal in Italy?

The modern Italian government legalized divorce in the country in 1974. The first formal divorce laws were enacted in Rome in 499. By 1100, divorce was strictly prohibited throughout Italy, largely... Read More »