Is it legal to charge a yield spread premium on reverse mortgages?

Answer On One Hand: In Most States, YesThe difference between the loan rate that the borrower qualifies for and the one they pay is called the yield spread. For instance, if a borrower qualified for a loa... Read More »

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Can it really be legal for a broadband provider to charge premium rate phone calls to their helpline?

No they are not suppose to but as i see broadband and their billions they do WTF they want' and it sucks.We in Washington state have one cable company for the whole state and now there are not any ... Read More »

How to Calculate Mortgage Yield Spread?

A mortgage yield spread is the difference between the interest rates on two mortgages. It is important to calculate the mortgage yield spread because some lenders will charge you a higher price tha... Read More »

Is it legal to charge tax on shipping&handling?

It may be legal to charge sales tax on shipping and handling. The laws vary by state. The legality can also be affected by how the charges appear on the invoice. Some states, such as California, al... Read More »

Is it legal to charge tax on in-store rebates?

It is not legal to charge tax on in-store rebates provided that the rebate is from the store and not the manufacturer. A store-sponsored rebate would reduce the amount you would pay for the product... Read More »