Is it legal to buy prescriptions online?

Answer On One Hand: You Cannot Buy From Unlicensed PlacesAccording to, you can't legally purchase drugs online and ship them from an unlicensed, foreign pharmacy. In addition, the U.S. Cu... Read More »

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Is it legal to order prescriptions from Canada?

People turn to Canadian pharmacies to purchase prescriptions to save money. However, purchasing prescriptions from Canadian pharmacies is not legal. Packages that are suspected of containing prescr... Read More »

Can you refill prescriptions online?

You can refill prescriptions online, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. You should, however, avoid foreign Internet pharmacies as they lack the regulation of domestically-based onl... Read More »

Is it legal to buy medicine online?

Over-the-counter medication can be bought from online pharmacies with no problem. Buying drugs that require a prescription is legal as long as you have a prescription for the medicine. A pharmacy t... Read More »

Are online wills legal?

Online wills can be legal. For the will to be legal, it must meet the requirements of the state. Most states requires signatures of the person for whom the will applies and witnesses for the will t... Read More »