Is it legal to buy insulin syringes?

Answer Laws regarding the legal purchase of insulin syringes, with or without a prescription, vary by state. Some states such as Alaska, Connecticut and Delaware require a prescription to purchase insulin... Read More »

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Does Medicare pay for insulin syringes?

Medicare Part B (medical insurance) does not pay for insulin syringes. Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) includes coverage for insulin syringes, but Part D is optional, and you must choo... Read More »

What does cc mean in insulin syringes?

The term "cc'"stands for cubic centimeters, and is used on insulin syringes as a measurement of volume. According to, one cubic centimeter (cc) is approximately equal to one ... Read More »

Do I need An ID or permit to carry insulin syringes?

No. If you have syringes, you will probably have insulin with you, so I doubt if they would think you were carrying drug paraphernalia

Are needles&syringes for insulin allowed to be carried on airplanes?

Diabetes medication and supplies are allowed past security checkpoints and can be carried on airplanes, according to the Transportation Security Administration. Tell security officers at airport ba... Read More »