Is it legal to burn paper& pine in Massachusetts?

Answer The burning of paper and pine, with the exception of leaves and stumps, is allowed in some Massachusetts towns and cities with certain restrictions and permissions. It must take place between Janua... Read More »

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Can I burn pine in my fireplace?

Pine is not recommended to burn in a fireplace. It is a soft wood and easy to split, but it burns hot and fast. Indoors, pine resin creates an overwhelming smell and tends to make the wood crackle.... Read More »

Is it OK to Burn Pine in a Fireplace?

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Can you burn pine in a fireplace?

You can burn pine in a fireplace, but John Suermann of the U.S. Department of Energy does not recommend it. Resin in pine products causes them to burn hot and spit burning particles, while tar bypr... Read More »

Can I Burn Pine Cones in the Fireplace?

Homeowners with wood-burning fireplaces, especially if they use them to heat their homes in the winter, may sometimes wonder about the different types of wood or wood products they can burn in them... Read More »