Is it legal to ask for a Social Security number on employment applications?

Answer You can legally ask for a Social Security number on an employment application, according to Personal Policy Services, but you should avoid doing so until after you hire somebody. Asking for a SSN o... Read More »

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Is it legal to apply for credit with your children's Social Security number?

You cannot apply for credit using your child's Social Security number. This is a form of identity theft and is Illegal. Children normally do not have credit reports, as a credit report is only gene... Read More »

Is it legal to send someone's Social Security number and date of birth in the mail?

When ordering a replacement Social Security card from the Social Security Administration, or a birth certificate from the state, Social Security numbers and dates of birth are sent through the Unit... Read More »

How do I Continue Legal Education using Social Security Disability?

According to the Social Security Administration's Annual Statistical Report for 2009, there are 8.9 million people who receive Social Security Disability benefits. Beneficiaries who continue their ... Read More »

Is it legal to tape record a conversation with Social Security?

In most states it is illegal to record a phone conversation without the knowledge and consent of the person on the other end. Because laws vary from state to state, contact the attorney general's o... Read More »