Is it legal in Texas to get married at age 15 with parental consent?

Answer AnswerThe first answer quoting the family code is wrong (that must be an old version because I have 2007-2008 open in front of me as I type). Trooper Davis and the other person are both correct.Lic... Read More »

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How can a minor get married with out parental consent in Michigan?

By growing up and not be a minor anymore. Or get emancipated.

In the state of Colorado is it legal for a pregnant 15-year-old girl to marry the child's father who is 20 with parental consent?

AnswerIt depends on where you live. Mississippi will allow it. And you may be able to marry in Illinois if you get a judge's permission.√ā¬†AnswerMarriage is allowed in Georgia without parental conse... Read More »

If a 15 year old who is pregnant by her 19 year old boyfriend they get married with parental consent can the parents be prosecuted?

AnswerWhy would the parents be prosecuted? I have never heard of that before. The only one that could be would be the boyfriend because he had sex with a minor which means he commited statitory r... Read More »

Is there any way to get married in Mississippi at age 16 without parental consent?

%REPLIES% Answer Unless the state statutes have changed, and in my opinion they should be...The age of consent to marry for a girl is 15 and a boy is 17..go figure!Being married is not a recreation... Read More »