Is it legal in Texas for a parent to sign over his rights?

Answer Answer Yes it is legal to sign over your rights Answer Under Texas Family Code 161.005, a parent may file suit to permanently terminate the parent-child relationship. The court will rule on the mot... Read More »

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Is it legal for an adoptive parent to give child back to parent whose rights were terminated?

Not without the legal system involved.Not without the legal system involved.

In the state of Texas under what circumstances will they grant the termination of rights of the noncustodial parent when requested by the custodial parent?

Answer Too complicated to answer simply. See an attorney that does child custody and family law.

Who Can a parent sign over rights?

I know for a fact that in Florida you can not undo the adoption or terminate your parental rights, unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. I told an attorney what my wife had told me, pr... Read More »

Can a parent relinqish parental rights to an adopted child in Texas when the parent child relationship has been destroyed?