Is it legal in Mississippi for a 16-year-old to get pregnant by a 21-year-old?

Answer Teen Pregnancy Answer it's not legal anywhere to get pregnant at sixteen by anyone over the age of eighteen

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In the state of South Carolina can a 20-year-old get a 17-year-old pregnant without dealing with legal situations?

Answer a 20 year old should not be impregnating a 17 year old in any state of any country at any time.

Can a 21-year-old get into legal trouble if he gets a 16-year-old pregnant if her mother agreed to the relationship?

Answer Yes, how much will depend on the laws of the specific state. And the mother's 'permission' doesn't negate anything, in fact can get her in trouble for contributing to the illegal act.

How can a pregnant 17-year-old and her 20-year-old boyfriend avoid legal problems if they love each other and want to be together?

Answer It's not illegal in every states for a 20-year old to date a 17-year old.

If a 14-year-old girl gets pregnant by a 17 year-old willingly do they have legal custody of their child or could the state take their baby away?

Answerthe mother is the first to have custy but if you cant support your child then the state may step in and take the child do to the child best intrested but if the child is safe health have food... Read More »