Is it legal for the ex-president of a home owners association not to turn over the books to the new president?

Answer Because a home owners association is probably a corporation, you could ask the same question of Boeing's president or the president of Goldman Sachs.In those corporations, the subject wouldn't come... Read More »

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The president of the home owners association does not pay a monthly association fee and every body else pays-is this correct?

No. Unless there is a specific entry in the governing documents that forgives the president's obligation, the president pays assessments, just like every other owner.

How do you remove the president of a home owners association?

Read your governing documents which define the process necessary to remove any director, regardless of the office held. Usually, the board can remove an officer -- with or without cause -- and can ... Read More »

How can you email the president of your home owners association?

Generally, you'll need an e-mail address to accomplish this task. Your board or your property manager can supply you with the contact details for your president.

What powers are normally granted a President of a Home Owners Association?

Read your governing documents so that you understand all the responsibilities of the association's board, including yours.As President, you are the leader. You manage the board and work with the pr... Read More »