Is it legal for my employer to not give me a choice between a paper check and a payroll card?

Answer In 22 states, employers do not have to offer a paper check, but can offer a payroll card or direct deposit. It is legal for employers not to offer a paper check in Alabama, Colorado, Delaware, Indi... Read More »

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How long does an employer have to keep payroll registers&check copies?

The IRS suggests that employers retain employee records for six years. Auditors do review canceled checks and check registers, all of which need to be on file for six years. This does not mean that... Read More »

Is an employer required to provide a payroll statement with a check?

Federal law does not require an employer to give payroll statements or pay stubs with paychecks. But if state law requires it, the employer must give employees a pay stub according to the state's r... Read More »

Payroll Tax & Employer Contribution?

The federal and state governments regulate payroll taxes. Federal payroll taxes are Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and income withholding. State payroll taxes include unemployment, disabil... Read More »

How do I calculate employer payroll tax expenses?

Employee Income TaxObtain a Form W-4 from each employee. Withhold employee income tax from compensation according to tables provided by the Internal Revenue Service. The applicable table is based u... Read More »