Is it legal for my Home Owners Association to place flyers inside your mailbox?

Answer Your question involves: yourself as the designated addressee of the mailboxthe Postal Service, who 'owns' the box (if your question assumes a USPO device)your association (your private democracy's ... Read More »

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Are fines imposed upon home owners for rules violation legal and collectible in a home owners association?

If the violations and fines are set forth in the associations's covenants and bylaws, yes, they are.

Can a home owners association put a letter in your mailbox?

The association can use the USPS to deliver material to your mailbox. Using the mailbox for other an official USPS services, may be a violation of the federal laws covering the use of USPS assets. ... Read More »

What are the legal disclosure obligations of a Home owners association to a seller member of that Homeowners association?

You may be referring to an inclusion in the purchase/sale agreement documentation packet which details the status of the unit and documents the status of certain business aspects of the association... Read More »

Can a home owners association place a lien on your home for failing to follow a rule?

Your association probably cannot file a lien as a first, unannounced step, to 'get your attention' because you violated a 'rule'. Apparently you are in dispute with your community's board based on... Read More »