Is it legal for condo owners to be allowed to know who your bonding agency is?

Answer It is unclear from your question whether you are a prospective tenant or a prospective vendor. A condominium owner who rents out a unit has a certain obligation to the community in terms of vetting... Read More »

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Is it legal to force condo owners not to fly American flags?

Sure, you can contractually waive any civil rights you want to, as a condition to being a tenant or a condo owner. Read your association bylaws and take legislative action in meetings with the othe... Read More »

Your condo assn is using your water without your consent They will not pay you so you are taking them to court They publically named you and assessed all owners to pay meis this all legal on their par?

The best advise is this: contact your attorney and ask the question again.

In California do condo owners have the right to review condo bills and financial statements monthly?

The only answer to your question is to review your governing documents. You should be able to find your answer in the sections that discuss finances.As well, you may want to review the California C... Read More »

Can an owner of a condo pass on to the condo owners the park fee he was require to pay before building the condos?

There is no standard answer to your question. Read your governing documents to determine what is possible in your case. There may be special fees you pay when you purchase a unit from a developer, ... Read More »