Is it legal for a hospital to make a 5-year old girl with severe fracture wait for 6 hours?

Answer I don't intend to be mean here, but she is quite lucky that she got treated in 6 hours. There have been young kids who have been denied treatment & were made to wait for one or two days to receive ... Read More »

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Is it legal for a 12 year old to stay home with a 5 year old sibling and no adult supervision for 8-10 hours a day while the parents work?

Answer It depends on what State you live.  In Canada 12 years of age is legal to look after children younger than yourself.  However 8 - 10 hour days is a big weight on a 12 year old and you shou... Read More »

If a 12 year old girl is 5'6 weighs 180 lbs has severe migranes is it her thyroid?

It must be a dermal sinus a tiny tube with a blind end. It usually does not cause any problem. Sometimes it can get infected and cause pain and swelling. In that situation a minor operation may be ... Read More »

How many legal working hours for 13 year old?

There is no legal working hours for 13 year old. If you're 13 or under, you cannot legally be employed.

Is it legal for a sixteen year old girl to date a twenty one year old boy in Alabama?

no. unless there is an age of consent in Alabama. I believe 16 is the cut off for that state. Check it out. but either way protect yourself. Wrap it up.