Is it legal for a doctor not to charge a copay or lower the copay for surgery and accept only what the insurance pays?

Answer Answer You might really be asking two questions here.1. Is it legal, as in can the provider find himself with criminal charges for doing it2. Does the Insurance Company permit it? Could the prov... Read More »

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Is it legal for a doctor to waive the copay for PPO insurance?

With Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) health insurance plans, there is no legal restrictions prohibiting the doctor from waiving the copay. PPOs are not as closely regulated by the government ... Read More »

If you have a copay with your primary insurance but also have secondary insurance do you have to pay the copay before treatment?

%REPLIES%%DETAILS% Answer Depends on the doctors office billing procedures.For more details visit Answer yes, your secondary insurance should cover this amount if you have reache... Read More »

If the primary charges a 200 copay the secondary pays nothing do you owe the 200 copay on the primary if secondary states 0 owed by patient Where can you find this info?

Answer This does not sound like an auto policy, is this medical? If so, you are responsible for the copay. I would contact your benefits administrator.

You need information on how copays effect primary and secondary insurance If you pay your copay on primary does that off set your copay on secondary and would secondary pay remaining portion of bill?

Answer I don't quite understand your question. Check this link for links to explanations of dual coverage. Have you read the applicable ... Read More »