Is it legal for a company to refuse to allow you to enroll in their medical insurance simply because you are listed under a spouses insurance plan as well?

Answer Answer If your company pays the premiums themselves for employee health insurance, it is understandable why they would refuse to cover you. This is an extra cost for them and you are already insure... Read More »

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How to cancel insurance and enroll on spouses plan?

Answer There may be issues with Open Enrollment See the rules about late enrolleesYou might qualify for Special Enrollment

If someone is married can husband enroll his wife on his company's insurance plan and vice versa so both of them would have 2 insurance coverage?

Answer YesFor more technical details visit

If you are informed you need a follow-up medical test shortly after starting on a new insurance plan can the insurance company claim you have a preexisting condition?

Answer Yes, putting prejudice aside, facts are facts. If there is medical documentation from the past showing a condition, that is considered "pre-existing"

How is the best way to get your medical supply company listed as in-network with the larger insurance companies who are resistant?

Answer I think you may have the relationship backwards. The sticking point is almost always on the company side rather than the insurance company side. When you are in an insurance company network... Read More »