Is it legal for a child to leave their parents custody at seventeen in Texas?

Answer Children can leave the custody of their parents ("removal of disabilities") at the age of 16, according to attorney Shelly B. West. However, the minor must have the ability to support himself and h... Read More »

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Is it legal for a child to leave their parents custody at seventeen?

A child can leave his parents' custody at 17 if he has their permission, such as to marry or join the military. A court also can sever the parent-child relationship due to abuse or neglect. A few s... Read More »

If the parents are giving a friend their child how can the adult accepting the child become legally bonded so the parents cannot take custody of the child at some future time?

Answer Parents cannot "give" a child to someone.All parties must follow the required adoption or guardianship procedures according to the laws of the state and through the appropriate state court.... Read More »

Can parents who are not in their car leave their restrained child in a parked car while they watch their other child practice football?

It would depend upon the age of the child in the car, the length of the football practice, and the distance placed between parent and child. In most cases, this would be seen as a case of neglect.

Is legal child custody that is granted in Louisiana still legal in Texas?

Yes, child custody determinations are still applicable across state lines. However, the "Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act" was established to discourage court rulings from mul... Read More »