Is it legal for a bank to cash a post dated check?

Answer It is legal for a bank to cash a check whenever the bank receives it. Sometimes, however, the bank will be prevented from cashing the check if you give the bank reasonable notice before the bank re... Read More »

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How to Cash a Post-Dated Check?

People can write a post-dated check to determine when a payee may cash the check. A person may utilize this check-writing method when a checking account does not currently contain sufficient funds,... Read More »

Can a bank cash a check before it is dated?

On One Hand: Check Dates are NegotiableA person can cash a check at a bank before the date on the check, according to the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Banks have the right to decide to override... Read More »

Is it illegal to cash a post dated check?

Writing, accepting, and cashing postdated checks is perfectly legal. By accepting a postdated check though, you run the risk of the funds not being available or the account being closed when you d... Read More »

Is it illegal to issue a post dated check?

Post-dated checks are generally valid and enforceable. Most banks now honor post-dated checks even before the date on a check. Model Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) sections covering negotiable instr... Read More »