Is it legal 2 Throw printer outta window?

Answer If it's on your property, yes.If not, make sure you aren't endangering someone's life before throwing.

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I have a brand new printer for Christmas last year. we took it outta the box but didnt set it up, now?

Go to the company web sire and download drivers for that model. That should replace the CD you lost. Also, make sure the ink/toner that came witht he unit is not dried up. shake it a bit and make s... Read More »

Why do drinks outta bottles taste different than drinks outta cans?

Because they are contained in different materials. The metallic taste goes into drinks in cans, and a plastic taste goes into the ones in bottles. I don't think the ones in glass bottles would be... Read More »

Items you can throw out a car window legally?

You cant through sunflower seed out the window, I was reading an article on a guy that got a littering ticket for that. The only thing you can throw from your car legally is water and chicken feat... Read More »

If I throw my T.V. out the window, will it bounce?

How high is this window? And who are you aiming at? ^‿^