Is it lawful to transport gold bars from England to Canada?

Answer It is not unlawful to transport gold bars into Canada. Canadian customs requires incoming travelers to declare currency or monetary instruments, such as gold bars, that are greater than or equal to... Read More »

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How Can I Transport Fresh Fish From Canada to the U.S.?

Fishing trips to Canada or Alaska can result in several fish to take back to a home state. Getting the fish home is not only a matter of managing to keep the fish fresh, but also complying with the... Read More »

How to Buy Gold Bars?

Gold bars are a compact way to carry a large amount of money. Gold bars take up little room, are stackable, and can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on their weight. Gold bars are us... Read More »

Is it legal to own gold bars?

It is legal for Americans to own gold bars in any amount without a license of any kind. President Franklin D. Roosevelt made the private ownership of gold illegal in 1933 but the law was repealed o... Read More »

How to Import Gold Bars?

Gold is a widely sought-after investment commodity. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, more than 2,200 metric tons of gold were produced worldwide in 2008, almost 10 percent of which was impo... Read More »