Is it just me,or is my son's veganism ruining our family?

Answer I used to be a vegan and I stopped for this very reason: It can be one of the rudest and most intolerable ways to live. Essentially, when you reject the cooking of others, you're rejecting the act ... Read More »

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Jade Goody, Am I the only one who thinks this news is tragic, not just for her but her sons and family?

it is very sad, jade had a 40% of survival and now she is only been treated to prolong her life as long as possible so she can spend time with her boys.It is tragic news for anyone to hear and i wi... Read More »

Veganism- the only way to be vegetarian without being hypocrytical, or just too far?

OoOoO someone wants to stir up some trouble in the vegetarian/vegan forum... just kidding...People have to do what works for them, I don't contribute to the consumption of any animal products... Th... Read More »

We just got rid of our satellite dish/cable. Will miss Sons Of Anarchy. any suggestion on local channels.?

Buy a digi box ull still be able to watch sons of anarchy I think its on channel 30 or 31 depending on ur location bud. Hope iv helped.

Tokio Hotel Family: About people leaving... Is TH Family just gonna be a closed group now :'(?

You are wanted!Please don't take anything anybody here said as that you're not wanted.I accept all new members.If the family get's to be "closed" and not accpeting any new members than whatever.It'... Read More »