Is it just me...(Ladies only!)?

Answer You do seem young, talk to your mom and give yourself time. If this effects your ability to have a relationship, then yes see a therapist.Sex isn't everything, but it sounds like you weren't reall... Read More »

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Is Mother's Day only for your mom or is it for all moms for example do you need to give your sister who's a mom a card and or present or just attend to your mom only?

It depends. Some people consider Mother's day to be strictly for their own mother, while others view it as a day of celebration for all mothers. Everyone interprets it differently. However, tradit... Read More »

Do you ever ask for only water, just to be cheap?

No, but sometimes water is all i want♥ I don't drink♥

Can you lose weight just by diet only?

Exercise is needed to tone so the skin isn't flabby, exercises also help you lose faster

My daughter just got her period and she is only 8!!!!! what should I do?

Don't worry!! I think I was 9 when I got mine for the first time. Girls are getting their periods at younger and younger ages, and it's completely normal. Her period probably won't even last more t... Read More »