Is it just me, or is youtube reallyyyy slow HELP.?

Answer it depends on your connection speed and also the file size you're uploading... the smaller the file the faster you can upload...It is recommended that you upload wmv file format... good quality and... Read More »

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Is Youtube slow for anyone else?

Works fine for me! YouTube's servers are strong enough to handle a few extra thousand people who tuned it for Mitt Romney (who won't win anyways ;D).

Why is youtube so slow?

Why is my youtube so slow?

You're not the owner of google nor the only one who uses YouTube everyone does and Google owns YouTube so you cannot say my youtube so slow. But go to and see what your speed is if it... Read More »

Youtube playing slow?

75mbps is fast, way above average. You could try using a different browser (Firefox, Google Chrome), maybe change the channel of your internet router - it will be in the router settings.