Is it just me, or has watching tv become very complicated?

Answer I know what you mean. It's kind of like when I go to the store to buy salt and pepper.

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Agree or Disagree: Anime Is very very VERY!!! addictive and hard to resist watching?

yesyou also wanted to know if I'm a girl or guy?Im a guyAnime that I've seen:Bleach (favorite)Death Note (other favorite)Pokemon (seen every season).HackDevil May Cry: 666Full Metal AlchemistDragon... Read More »

I was just wonderin'...Why can't the US government make the tax return process just a little more complicated?

Good point, The Nolte. And besides, if the tax code was made more complicated, it would stimulate teh economy. Just imagine how many more accountants would need to be hired, all without the gover... Read More »

How do you make the swelling on your lip go down from a pimple just under your lower lip its very painful and very swollen you really just want this pain to go how do you do this?

I just found out yesterday that my cancer has spread to my right lung and now have to undergo very very?

Sweetie....I am so sorry to hear about that *hugs* It has been my experience that patients are ALWAYS sick 48-72 hours following chemo therapy...that is when they are experience nausea and vomiting... Read More »