Is it just me or dose anyone else feel fatigue after a hot shower.?

Answer I sometimes do too.But I've found that it's because I had the water too hot. I don't know if this is your problem, but take it into consideration and try to lower the temperature of the water.I hop... Read More »

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How dose sex feel without pain?

if you were prepared for it, it wouldn't hurt you cant just randomly say im in bed lets have have you know that you are going to do it and make you your clean and healthy (so you can't catc... Read More »

How Should You Feel After A Shower?

I always feel like a trillion dollars! :)I love the smell of the cleansing products use. Right before I get out of the shower I turn the water to the coldest setting I can handle and have that has... Read More »

My hamster feel bad after i gave her a shower?

this often happens, it is due to overheating, it soon wears off

Why do you I always feel like I'm gonna pass out after I get out of the shower ?

It's probably TOO warm! I get that all the time, and then I have to go lay down just in my towel because I feel faint lolOr you could be dehydrated, too hot, slightly anemic... Or if you're too col... Read More »