Is it just me or does Starbucks suck?

Answer Awesome answer about Caribou. A poor "immigration" of Caribou? immigration is the completely wrong word choice (you're looking for imitation) and caribou was founded at least 10 years after starbucks.

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Compared to GOOGLE-Does yahoo suck or does it really suck *_*?

i see 26 answers may two or 3 like yahoo,if you hate it that badwhy use it? i see no problems,i like google too.i would make yahoomy home page ,but aol is my main isp provider so they are my hom... Read More »

How much does it suck?

Why does MTV suck?

Reality shows replaced all of the actual music i guess... i'd watch it more if they showed more Music TV than the one odd Danity Kane vid once in a while.listening to: Broken by Seether

Why do macs suck so bad?

There's really no answer... They just do.