Is it just me, or are mw3's maps small?

Answer I think you're correct and incorrect. The maps on Modern Warfare 3 are, in my opinion, much larger than the maps of its Call of Duty series predecessor, Black Ops. However, you might be correct in ... Read More »

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On google maps when you zoom in on satellite, is it in real time or just on old photograph?

Its an old photograph, there is no such thing as real time when it comes to satellite imagery with that much resolution. The imagery was probably taken within the past two years.

Why on Google Maps the maps of India in English but other countries use their own language?

There are 176 languages in India, which one should be picked?English is used so that all people can understand.

How to Make Outline Maps on Google Maps?

The My Places feature in Google Maps allows you to create your own maps and share them with other users. In addition to standard placemarks and lines, you can also outline areas in your custom map.... Read More »

I just bought the iPhone 3g last night and was wondering if its FREE to browse on the app store and also the phone came with maps YouTube and whether in it are they free to use and go into?

Stupid AT+T charges you money every time you open an application that talks to the internet. It is free to open and use those apps on wi-fi.