Is it just as healthy to have veggies in smoothies as it is to eat them?

Answer Yes, because it's just getting mixed up--you're not cooking it. Boiling veggies on the other hand can be less healthy, since nutrients can escape the flesh (um, better word?) of the veggie during t... Read More »

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Are smoothies healthy for you?

On One Hand: Basic Smoothies Are NutritiousA smoothie can be a very healthy drink when made with fruit and milk. While the milk provides calcium and its own vitamins, the nutrition factor of any sm... Read More »

Any really healthy smoothies?

Here are some of my favorite recipes. Oh, by the way, I'm a vegetarian and instead of milk I use soymilk and instead of whey protein I use soy protein, but I'll leave that up to you. Get up Go Shak... Read More »

Are fruit smoothies really healthy?

On One Hand: Fruit Smoothies Contain Essential NutrientsFruit smoothies are made with fruit, liquid such as milk or water, and a thickener such as yogurt. They are an excellent source of vitamin C,... Read More »

How to Make Healthy Fruit Smoothies?

To make a fruit smoothie you need lots of fruit and you need a blender. Fruit smoothies are so much fun to make with family members and friends.