Is it jus me or is something wrong with youtube right now?

Answer Mine too... I was wondering if my wireless had some problems... After hearing from you, I am more relief ! ^^ I think they might be going through some sudden problems... If there is a maintainance,... Read More »

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Something is wrong whenever i using google chrome on youtube. The right side of my window seems to be resized?

I'm not so good at this stuff but I'll try to help.Press Ctrl+0. if that doesn't work, then try re-installing Google Chrome.

Is they something wrong with the youtube ios app?

I thought I was the only one! :o I get the same except the videos blur and only certain videos buffer i swear every time I update the Youtube App it gets worser!!! Buuut if you get the google chrom... Read More »

Is there something wrong with the YouTube comments section 4-24-2013?

Same problem here too! I've seen another user post a question on this issue and I posted a question here on this issue too! This shows that it's not our computers' problem but probably Youtube is c... Read More »

I've done something wrong and ended up with the 'Start' taskbar running vertically up the right hand side of?

Just click and drag to the bottom of the screen. Also make sure the taskbar isnt locked to check right-click the taskbar and then make sure there isnt a check next to Lock the Taskabar.