Is it inappropriate for people over 30 to be on myspace?

Answer doesn't matter. the more the merrier. it makes myspace more vibrant, lively and thriving.

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People over 30 on myspace. Your opinion?

MySpace is completely appropriate for people over 30. There are teens on there who have their parents on their top ten. I think that's pretty awesome. It's a good way for them to keep an eye on the... Read More »

Why shouldn't people dress up in inappropriate clothing?

I agree with you all the way Mole' if their happy; dressing a certain way; and they are like it;; let them...If they want to wear shorts in winter ; or want to wear a dress; or whatever their thin... Read More »

I went to a Myspace comments site and now my computer has a virus...keeps restarting itself over and over.....?

yeah, use free version of in safe mode.tap F8 key at start up, select safe mode with networking using arrow keys and enter key.Edit : in future use firefox with... Read More »

Is myspace really over with?