Is it immature to get colored braces if your about to be 20 yrs old?

Answer i don't think so. its fun and makes you unique. think of it as a Fashion statement woohoo =)

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Does it cost more to have the colored bands on your braces ?

normally it shouldnt... ask your ortho if you can get color. maybe at the place you gothey don't give colored bands. it never hurts to ask!! :)

How much does it cost to get colored braces?

Answer If you already have them just ask the ortho man if you can have color.They're usually happy to do it for free.It happens all the time where I work, especially on kids and teens.

Question about getting your braces off?

it WILL stink like hell from all the food stuck in them that you cant get out. and it will hurt like hell for a couple days.

About how long should you brush your braces?

You'll want to brush your braces for about two minutes (maybe a minute longer) two to three times a day or as your orthodontist and dentist recommend.