Is it illegle to use use your neighbor's wireless internet does it cost them?

Answer Yes, it is illegal and here is the proof if you get on...Man charged with wireless trespassing Florida man faces 3rd-degree felony charges after using another's wireless network from ... Read More »

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How to stop my neighbors from stealing my wireless internet service?

Easy use the wifi security feature on it. Set up a pass code.

How much does wireless Internet cost?

The cost of wireless Internet or mobile broadband varies by provider and plan. As of April 2010, Verizon offers a 5 GB plan that runs $59.99 a month. AT&T's Wi-Fi Premier costs $19.99.Source:Verizo... Read More »

What is the cost of wireless internet?

Wireless Internet via a wireless router in a home or office space costs $25 to $125 a month, plus the cost of standard Internet access through the provider, in early 2010. For true wireless Interne... Read More »

What is the cost for a wireless Internet card?

Laptop wireless cards and USB devices utilizing cellular phone service for online access can be obtained at no cost from many major carriers with a two-year contract. Without a contract, a wireless... Read More »