Is it illegal to witness a crime& not report it?

Answer In general, it is not illegal for witnesses to fail to report crimes. However, several states, including California, have enacted "mandated reporting" laws that require individuals to alert officia... Read More »

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Is it illegal to witness a crime&not report it?

It is not illegal to witness a crime and not report it in most jurisdictions. This idea was popularized in the TV show "Seinfeld" finale, but it is not based in fact. Legal experts have concluded t... Read More »

How to Report a Sex Crime?

According to the National Center of Victims of Crime, there were 191,670 sexual assaults against people 12 and older in 2005. Almost three-fourths of female victims know their assailants. Less than... Read More »

How to Report a Crime Online in the UK?

You can use this service to notify the police of some types of crime or incident committed in the United Kingdom.

How to Report a Crime to the Police?

Witnessing a crime can be alarming, and you may not immediately know how to react or to report the crime. Reporting a crime to the police as soon as possible is extremely important because catching... Read More »