Is it illegal to watch movies on the Internet?

Answer While uploading and downloading copyrighted movies is a violation of copyright law, the act of watching streamed content on the Internet may not be. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)... Read More »

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How do I watch movies on the Internet?

Choose a ServiceGo online to a free movie-hosting website, such as, or a pay site, such as The main differences between these sites is that free sites have a much more limited... Read More »

Can you watch hulu movies on the wii internet browser?

As of June 2010, you cannot watch Hulu on the Wii internet browser. According to the Nintendo website, the Wii Internet Channel supports only Flash 8 or earlier. Hulu Labs specifies on its website ... Read More »

Is there anywhere i can watch free movies on my mobile phone internet?

If you can go on the internet on your phone, I use this all the time, it has literally any movie or tv show. I swear. It's great. You can either watch instantly or download to your ... Read More »

What are some internet sites to watch full movies on besides youtube?