Is it illegal to wash your blankets at the laundromat?

Answer It is legal to wash blankets at laundromats. However, some laundromats may request that you do not wash blankets in smaller, top loading washers because doing so can overload the machine. Also, if ... Read More »

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Is it illegal to wash your blankets at the laundry mat?

Some laundromats may prohibit you from washing certain kinds of blankets--such as those used by pets or horses--and large comforters. Check with the rules of the laundromat before you start washing... Read More »

How do I wash silk blankets?

Fill a Container With WaterFill your bathtub or other large container with lukewarm water. Pour in some mild detergent or detergent made for delicate fabrics until suds appear. Swish the water arou... Read More »

How do I wash chenille blankets?

In the WasherPlace the chenille blanket in the washer. Use cold water and wash it on the gentle or delicate cycle. To avoid staining other fabrics, wash the blanket by itself--at least on the first... Read More »

How do I wash wool blankets?

Wash wool blankets in cold water using a mild detergent. Use a laundry detergent specifically formulated for wool and other delicate fabrics, although most laundry detergents are safe to use. Wrin... Read More »