Is it illegal to use someone elses wireless internet without permission?

Answer People need to look up in the dictionary the word "stealing" Stealing is if your remove something from ones possession so you can have it.What you do now is sharing,kind like you're enjoying the sh... Read More »

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Is it illegal if you are 18 and want to get married to someone who is 15 but your parents do not accept it so you do it without their permission?

The minor person must have parental permission. If you took her to another state, without the permission of her parents you could be charged with a Federal and/or state crime, even if she went will... Read More »

Is it illegal to post a picure of someone on MY facebook album page without their permission?

it is illegal if the person who you have phtographed is under teh age of 16 it is also illegal if you are using the picture to make money or advertismentand it is also illegal if they ask for it to... Read More »

Is it illegal for someone to steal my wireless signal for internet.?

Using a neighbor's wireless access point may not be legal even with their permission. The answer varies depending on the policies of residential Internet service providers and plans among other fac... Read More »

Is it illegal to connect to someone elses wifi?

It's a crime to hack someone's encryption - that's an unauthorized use of a network.If someone leaves their network wide open, that creates an implication that they don't mind other people using it... Read More »