Is it illegal to track an IP address?

Answer Is tracing a Internet Provider address illegal? ha-ha no not at all. According to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act you've done nothing wrong.Don't worry about it there's nothing wrong here... Read More »

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Can someone track down your address/track your location with your cellphone number?

Who are we talking about here - your wife or the authorities? Your wife can track your current location only if you installed software on your phone to allow tracking and that only to a cell, not d... Read More »

Is there anyway to track someone's ip address?

Excellent IP tracking website are:http://www.ip-tracker.orghttp://www.ip-address.orghttp://www.ipaddresslocation.orghttp://www.find-ip-address.orgMaybe you can use their free API to integrate into ... Read More »

How to track and IP address ?

Unfortunately, there is not any way to track IP address from any Facebook user. Only staff behind Facebook know it.But if you ever get IP address and you would like to track it then you can use fre... Read More »

How to track down IP address of askfm?

There's no way to find out someone's home address from an IP number unless you happen to get that information released from the Internet Service Provider (ISP) -- which for privacy concerns will no... Read More »