Is it illegal to take in a 16-year-old runaway who needs help?

Answer Helping a Runaway Teen It could be, unless the parents are notified and permission is given for the minor to reside at the person's home. If there is a problem with abuse or neglect the police shou... Read More »

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Can you bring home 17 year old Michigan across the state lines legally that is being forced to stay with relatives in Kentucky because of different runaway states laws take precedence?

I think that would depend on what your relationship is - are you the parent?

5 year old needs help in school?

Children mature and develop at different rates. It sounds like she might not yet be developmentally ready for those skills, which might be the reason for the tantrums. She is being asked to do th... Read More »

If your illegal ex-boyfriend is threatening to take custody of your unborn child and is planning to take him or her out of the country what rights can he possibly have being an illegal?

Photograph Needs Help learning to take Better Pictures with your new Canon Reble XS?

Read books from the library or store. Take night school courses, starting at the beginner level. Practice what you read/learn. Talk to others who can explain what you're reading.