Is it illegal to take a picture of my computer and print it?

Answer Yes it's illegal - you did not give him permission to print your pictures. Tell him you want ALL copies of your pictures. If he doesn't give you ALL copies, lay a charge with the Police.Do this bef... Read More »

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I scanned a picture to my computer now i want to in-large it to print it out anyone know answer?

take it to what ever photo editor you have and enlarge it there.

How come when I try to print a picture of Microsoft word 10 it won't print it all?

It's outside the normal margins so the printer chops off a bit. It's basically too big for the page even though it appears to fit on screen!Unless you make the picture a bit smaller all round and t... Read More »

Why i cannot print when i using windows picture gallery or office picture manager under windows vista?

Never tried to print through Picture Manager. I edit pictures in Picture Manager, save the edited image to my Pictures folder and then open it in Pictures to print it

Is it illegal to print Internet pictures?

Everything that is on the internet is public. So do what you want except for images that state their is a 'Copyright' attached to it. In that case, you need to ask the author.