Is it illegal to send info from work from work email to personal email!?

Answer Depending on the content, it could have been considered illegal disclosure or not protecting confidential records. This is very rampant in health industry, and obviously national security type jobs... Read More »

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How to Check My Personal Email at My Work Address?

Connect to your personal email while you're at work to stay on top of your personal correspondence. Take advantage of web mail services offered by your internet service provider or online web mail ... Read More »

When you send an email to info@ is it recieved by a real person?

I work in a company which e mail address starts with info@ and I actually reply to every e mail we receive to this addressI hope you found an answer to your question :)

Is it illegal in the UK to hack into a personal email account?

The computer misuse act 1990 is a good place to look...It can carry a custodial sentance.someone that makes a computer to perform a function that secures access to data that they are not permitted ... Read More »

How can i find a list of other people's email addresses for free to send info about new business?

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