Is it illegal to put car tires on a trailer?

Answer There are no legal requirements regarding trailer tires, according to Towing World, though in some states there are rules governing maximum axle size, which may affect the type of tire used. Traile... Read More »

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How to Rotate Tires on an RV Trailer?

The tires on your RV trailer wear down as the trailer is used. However, proper maintenance of your RV trailer's tires can prolong your tires' usage. An example of tire maintenance is rotating the t... Read More »

How to Use Radial Tires on a Boat Trailer?

There are two main construction types in the tire market today. The radial tire is built with steel belts within the tread area. The bias tire is built with nylon cord instead of steel belts. The r... Read More »

How to Mix Bias & Radial Tires on a Trailer?

Bias tires are constructed of alternating layers, or plies, of rubber-coated cords, usually nylon or Kevlar. A bias tire is constructed to act as a single unit; when the sidewalls flex, the tread c... Read More »

Alternatives to 14.5-Inch Trailer Tires?

One of the main reasons to change from a 14.5-inch trailer tire to a different size is due to the fact that the 14.5-inch rim is a split rim. Most tire shops today will not work on split rims becau... Read More »