Is it illegal to put a whole movie on youtube?

Answer yes its illegal, but they just ban the video, you wouldnt be arrestedthe limit is 10 minutes per video, but people break movie into sections, part 1, part 2, etcthere are some movies and tv shows o... Read More »

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How do you upload movies from windows movie maker to youtube by converting to the video files youtube accepts?

Windows movie maker is a movie editor not up loader. You saved movie as a Project that is why you can not upload on you tube. Click on File then choose Save Movie FileEnter a File nameChoose a Plac... Read More »

Youtube how do i put videos from windows movie maker to youtube?

go to file.. then it will say "Publish Movie" if you have vista or "Save Movie as" on XP. then click 'Save on this Computer.' or whatever. then I guess it will let you choose what format you want.

Is this illegal for youtube?

That would fall under Fair Use in Copyright Law. As long as you are commenting on the stuff, I do that with news clips, I record them, put them through a video Editing Program, record Video Comme... Read More »

YouTube downloading illegal?

Actually youtube is free video, which itself is illegal in someplaces, but its looked over,Downloading is alright as long as the you tube video does not violate copyright, at least it was untill yo... Read More »