Is it illegal to put a gps tracking unit on a car?

Answer A GPS tracking device may be legally placed on a vehicle with the consent of the vehicle's registered owner. However, various courts continue to debate whether police may track an auto without cons... Read More »

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Is it illegal to put a GPS tracking device on a car?

As long as you are the owner or co-owner of the vehicle and you have the consent of the driver, it is not illegal to place a GPS tracking device on a vehicle.Source:Land Air Sea: Legality of GPS tr... Read More »

Are GPS tracking devices illegal in South Carolina?

GPS tracking devices are illegal for individuals to use in South Carolina without consent of the party being tracked, except under a few circumstances, as of March 2010. Licensed private investigat... Read More »

Is the owner of a condo unit responsible for water damages from a leak in his unit to a unit below?

Only if the owner above was negligent somehow. A pipe simply bursting suddenly and without warning would not trigger any liability of the unitowner. However, if the unitowner above was filling his... Read More »

Tracking USPS package without tracking number.?

Here's a wild guess. I would bet that the package was delivered and the buyer, being somewhat less than honest, is saying that it didn't arrive. Now they want their money back. This is common when ... Read More »