Is it illegal to put a false father's name on a death certificate?

Answer Yes. It is illegal to place information you know to be incorrect on any official document.

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If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate can the mother change the minors children's last name to their step fathers name without the biological fathers approval in North Carolina?

Because you love them but dont have the money to support you.

Can an alleged fathers name be put on a birth certificate without the alleged fathers signature?

No unless the alledged father is present his name cannot be entered on the birth certificate, unless you take a marriage certificate

How long after the death of a person in Florida do you have to wait to get a death certificate?

Florida residents can order or request a death certificate immediately after a person's death. The time it takes to receive the certificate depends on the processing speed and postal transit time.S... Read More »

My fathers sudden death?

Not wanting an autopsy done is quite a natural response for your mother. It's important for you to know that there was nothing suspicious about your fathers death even though it was sudden. If ... Read More »