Is it illegal to put a GPS tracking device on a car?

Answer As long as you are the owner or co-owner of the vehicle and you have the consent of the driver, it is not illegal to place a GPS tracking device on a vehicle.Source:Land Air Sea: Legality of GPS tr... Read More »

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How to Find a GPS Tracking Device?

GPS tracking devices can be useful tools if you wish to keep tabs on your employees or family members. However they may be inconvenient if the tables are turned and someone is tracking you without ... Read More »

How do I locate a gps tracking device?

A global positioning system (GPS) device can be located anywhere on the planet with a high degree of accuracy. In order to locate a GPS device, you will need to have some method of looking up the l... Read More »

About Tracking Device Locators?

A tracking device locator is a global positioning system (GPS) that can track movement and locate a person or object through satellite signals. A GPS device can determine a current location, as wel... Read More »

Medical Device Tracking Requirements?

The Food and Drug Administration requires medical device manufacturers to use a tracking method to monitor the location of the devices. The requirements are in place to aid in a federal recall of t... Read More »