Is it illegal to make a wikipedia page about Jana Barros?

Answer It would not be illegal. It would probably fail to meet the notability requirements for a musician and be deleted.

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Will someone make a Wikipedia Page about Jana Barros?

Why don;t you try out yourself ? You will make it good, as you seem to be a great fan !!Try to sieze some info from the link in the sources section. :D

Rap and hip hop is there a way to force jana barros fans into rock and pop?

she doesn't have any fans she just has multiple accounts spamming this section. to make it look like she has fans. i think its a desperate last attempt at getting noticed because nothing else is wo... Read More »

Why were people so offendes by this music video with Jana Barros in panties?

Nobody was offended, nobody cares about this song or video, because it is flat out awful.

Is it illegal to make ur own page on wikipedia If ur a rapper even?

if you are a raper you should go to jail it is illegal to rape people instead you want to make a wikipedia page to honour yourself?