Is it illegal to make a fake facebook account?

Answer Legal: NoThough it is against Facebook's TOS, since they have become public they have made statements this is an issue for them and taking steps but to be honest have yet to hear anything beyond th... Read More »

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Is it illegal to create a fake facebook account?

I doubt it is unless you are doing it for the purpose of identity theft.

Is it illegal to go on someone's facebook account ?

NO. In the Facebook Principles on their "Privacy Policy", it is clearly written out that YOU are the one responsible on the information in which YOU allow others to permit See. (It does refer to th... Read More »

Fake facebook account or not?

Why did facebook think my account was fake?

the main reasons are if you are using a name that isnt your real name, or if you are lying about your age, or if they detect that you created more than one accountor someone reported you for one of... Read More »