How to Hitchhike?

Answer Whether getting a lift to the corner shop, covering the four corners of the world or simply just in case, there is a method to the madness of hitchhiking. The following instructions have been colle... Read More »

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How to Hitchhike if You're a Woman?

Have you ever thought of hitchhiking or do you think it's just too dangerous for a woman? Think again! The biggest danger to female hitchhikers is traffic, and there are precautions you can take to... Read More »

How to Hitchhike Across America?

Gone are the 1960s and '70s when hitchhiking was the norm. Instead we live in a climate of fear, uncertainty and distrustion that makes picking up a stranger an oddity. So if you want to know how t... Read More »

How to Hitchhike When Traveling Abroad?

Hitchhiking is a method of travel involving soliciting free rides from strangers. Traditionally associated with lone backpackers sticking out thumbs by the side of the road, hitchhiking has been di... Read More »

Where to hitchhike at Geneva airport, to get to Lausanne?

Do exactly as you say: Either down at the lake or at the airport, before the highway enters the motorway. Never but never hitchhike on the motorway, you risk a high fine if the cops see you.BTW: Th... Read More »