Is it illegal to hit your kids?

Answer If you want to know whether your parents are allowed to hit you, or to use other forms of violence - physical or mental - against you, in order to teach you what is right, this is something you nee... Read More »

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What happens to the kids of illegal immigrants?

It depends If the child was born on American soil, the child is a legal citizen. The child then has the option of staying, be it a very poor option.

Is it illegal for parents to emotionally abuse their kids?

Verbal abuse is a type of abuse (leaves no scars with the acception of scarring the mental state of the person receiving the verbal abuse) so no, there is no law against verbal abuse.Yes, it is ill... Read More »

How to Prevent Illegal Kids Trademark Character Parties?

Anyone that tells you that you can start a kid’s birthday party business and use Trademark characters is not telling you the truth.  This could get you in big trouble. Let’s use the example of... Read More »

Is it illegal to videotape minors naked in the bathroom it's been a year since the neighbor did it and threatened the kids to silence.?

Answer It is absolutely illegal, regardless of the time frame. Report the neighbor to the police. He may have also put it on the Internet.